Are You Making One of the Most Expensive Prospecting Mistakes? — 2 Comments

  1. More practical advice from what is evidently a seasoned pro.

    Sometimes coming at the DM from a different angle; for example asking someone in another department or branch office who the DM is, can yield results quicker than going head-on at that gatekeeper whose defensive posture can be difficult to overcome. Such calls can also yield in-house phone numbers or direct connection to the DM.

  2. I would normally ask for the DM’s email, but only after asking for the mailing address. It is very rare that even the staunchest gatekeeper will refuse to give out the mailing address and I’ve always felt that asking for it first made giving out email a much smaller leap. I have not, however, ever asked for a cell phone number on a cold call. I would worry that asking for something that the gatekeeper might be uncomfortable with or may think is an unreasonable request could shift the tone of the conversation and possibly become the first in a landslide of no’s.

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