Lead Generation

For over thirty years, Professional Marketing Associates has been a bridge connecting commercial insurance producers with targeted business prospects.
We’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of agencies generate millions of dollars in new business revenue.
Through our unique blend of online research, targeted email messaging and consultative phone calls, PMA’s Integrated Telemarketing delivers a steady flow of well-qualified new business opportunities and valuable sales intel.
Newer producers and long-term client agencies alike rely on PMA to help accelerate growth and keep insurance prospecting pipelines full. PMA makes the connections – you make the sales.

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What are your sales challenges and goals?

Help New ProducersHelp newer producers
get started

Keep Your Prospecting Pipeline FullKeep your activity high and your prospecting pipeline full

lead-gen-revenue-75Boost overall
sales revenue

Roll Out a Hot New ProgramRoll out a hot
new program

Exceed Production RequirementsMeet and exceed carrier production requirements

Communicate Unique ValueEffectively communicate your value proposition to a particular vertical market

How to Choose the Right Telemarketing Firm for Your Agency

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In war, poker, and medicine, no matter how skillfully you fight the battle, play your cards, or treat the patient, you never know for sure how things will turn out.

Sales, of course, poses the same challenge.

There’s one thing all the great generals, players, and doctors know – one principle they follow which dramatically increases their odds of success. They evaluate each situation before acting.

In sales, that upfront assessment is qualification

We’ve put together this short slide show so you can see what goes into the qualifying process. 

Every sales situation is different, and your criteria for a solid sales opportunity may not be the same as everyone else’s. 

Rest assured, though, that whichever variables are in the mix, a refined system of lead qualification results in more closed sales and a stronger revenue stream.