Online Sales Training & Coaching for Commercial Producers

For 30 years PMA has hired, trained and mentored people for one of the hardest jobs in commercial insurance sales: developing qualified sales opportunities though consultative telemarketing.

Three Elements of Sales Training Over time we’ve developed a tremendously effective fast track training process. It conveys the best perspectives and skills for making highly productive prospecting calls and managing the ongoing lead-generation operation and prospecting pipeline. In 2021, PMA will begin offering 20/20 Sales Training, an ongoing program of weekly 20-minute modules available by subscription, and delivered right to your agency and your computer over the Internet.

  • Created exclusively for commercial P&C insurance producers based more than 10,000 hours of PMA’s in-the-trenches know-how.
  • Designed to deliver expert street-level sales skills for connecting, engaging and handling all the thorny sales situations producers encounter in the 21st century marketplace.
  • Focused on today’s real insurance sales challenges, 20/20 Sales Training uses a unique 3-fold process of explanation – demonstration – application to convey an arsenal of powerful skills through interactive exercises and real-time dialog with trainers.

20/20 Sales Training is for everyone

20/20 Sales Training delivers a highly engaging learning experience. Each session is carefully constructed to focus on a specific facet of the selling process. Sessions blend visual learning, expert strategies, and recorded sales scenarios demonstrating winning communication tactics for every kind of sales situation. This step-by-step, graduated skill-training takes producers through the complete sales path from pre-call planning and forecasting, to appointment-setting, information gathering, closing the deals, leveraging referrals, and every step in between.

Studies show that people only remember 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read, but about 80% of what they see and do.

Some of the topics covered in the 20/20 Sales Training sessions

  • 12 tactics for getting to the decision maker – from Main Street to the C suite
  • Assertiveness vs. aggressiveness
  • Your value proposition: setting your agency apart from the thundering heard
  • The very best ways to use the gatekeeper as a resource
  • Attention – where it needs to be and how to keep it there
  • Dealing with non sequiturs: put offs, diversions and stalls
  • 4 ways to integrate email and phone for prospecting success
  • Establishing rapport in under 10 seconds
  • How to handle the 12 most common telemarketing situations
  • Turning barriers into bridges
  • Using the right language to change the frame of reference
  • Dealing effectively with “hidden objections” and “second thoughts”
  • How to quickly uncover buyers’ pain
  • Triangulating power: Making strategic use of third-party endorsements
  • How to create winning elevator pitches, napkin proposals and benefit statements
  • Start with the end in mind: establishing prospects’ conditions of satisfaction
  • Listening and talking – the optimal balance
  • X-dates and other events that trigger prospects’ readiness
  • The critical importance of seizing the moment of opportunity
  • Getting rid of those sales leftovers
  • How to avoid cancelled sales appointments
  • How to qualify prospects quickly and thoroughly
  • Clarity trumps persuasion
  • 6 ways to win out over the incumbent
  • How to read buying signals
  • How to not to lose out to competing agents
  • How to be professionally persistent instead of annoying
  • Probes for getting to the heart of the prospects’ “buying attitude”
  • The best methods for using closed- and open-ended questions

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