Don’t be Blinded by the Golden Rule — 3 Comments

  1. It is important to know a client’s “why”. The way to get there is through asking genuine questions and listening to every answer. As a nutrition coach it is easy for me to assume that every client wants to live a healthier lifestyle. However, this will not motivate a client to keep up with their nutrition plan. Through asking questions you can help the client to determine their “why” and this will be the key factor in a client sticking to their plan.
    Every customer is an individual with their own “why”. To keep a client and gain success it is necessary for both you and the client to understand their “why”. Once the “why” is determined then the right steps can be taken for everyone to succeed.

  2. The major mistake of their plan to restore the New Jersey school system was that they did not involve all of the stakeholders. This mistake can often be seen in urban planning projects, where civil society is left out in the plans, even if they are the ones most affected.
    When selling a product to a large group of customers you first have to research the target groups and what they value most about your product. As soon as you know who they (all of the target groups) are and what they want, then you can show it to them.

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