The Karma of Nurturing Sales Leads — 1 Comment

  1. In retail there was a customer handling acronym, C.A.R.E Plus. It stood for Contact Ask questions Recommend Encourage the sale. As a sales manager, we were tasked to teach this method to all sales associates. Building trust in 10 minutes that could lead to the exchange of thousands of dollars needs a plan of action.

    Most of my time was spent on the Contact part of the process. The ability to not come off as a pushy sales person with witty pitches that ends with a wink and a gun is much harder than most think. Getting phrases like, “Do you need help finding anything?” replaced with “Hi there, what brings you in today?” was just the beginning. The simple switch meant that the popular reply of, “No thanks, just looking” was avoided.

    Having simple plans of action around client handling is essential to consistent results. To properly and quickly ascertain and address the needs of a new client can be a direct way of showing the advantage of doing business with you.

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